With crowd pleasing, ear crushing rock and roll power Like Zeppelin has been performing for the last few years on the west coast of California. Knocking out the classic songs of Led Zeppelin, Cory Kyle Lead vocalist not only fits the bill with his flamethrower of a voice and golden hair but has found his calling center stage in clubs, parties and venues of every kind.

With rhythm in his soul that comes out of his sticks drummer Dante Silva pounds out the inimitable heartbeat Led Zeppelin music is known for world wide. All the while booking the band and wearing the business man’s hat in this line up.

Bassist Kevin Hicks may be quiet but his sound helps to glue together the very foundation of this killing band, which never fails to get everyone on their feet time and time again.

And lastly Christian Nesmith who has performed in Led Zepagain, Air Supply, Pundhound, The Monkees Touring Band, as well as many various recording sessions and commercials never disappoints while invoking the captivating magic of Jimmy Page on guitar.

Known for their casual and approachable attitudes, this band will fit the bill at House Concerts, Nightclubs, County Fairs and more one you see these guys you too will LIKE ZEPPELIN.